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Biondivino’s ItaloFest (+ Spain & Sherry)

August 25, 2010

Biondivino’s Ceri Smith, one of the original founders of SF Natural Wine Week, is hosting a fantastic tasting of Italian natural wines with a few Spanish and Sherry producers joining the lineup. This event will take place Wednesday August 25, from 5.30 to 9pm.

In Ceri’s own words:

what can i say but -wow- what a line up

we are so happy to be involved with a group of like-minded importers, restaurants & retailers in presenting and bringing these organic/biodynamic wines to the forefront of what is happening out there in the world of wine.

when, nowadays, around the world,  there is the clutter of wine built up upon the marketing gurus and trendy expensive “label” wines – these winemakers are showing the world the beauty and elegance of  “un-spoofalated” winemaking – sans the marketing masters and bulk consistancy, these are the gems in the raw.  in a way, they are the progressive future by returning back to the past — to the basics and ancient methods of wine-making.

they speak their own voice, of their land, of their grape.

i hope you will come with an open mind and fresh palate and taste the diversity and array of these exciting wines from across italy and spain

Join Arianna Occhipinti (she’s totally got this SF Natural Wine Week thing down) and her lovely Sicilian wines, as well as Keven Clancy of Farm Wine Imports, importer José Pastor and local wine guru JJ Clifton as they present a killer line up of wines. Featured producers: Occhipinti, Donati, Bera, Cascina degli Ulivi, Alberto Tedeschi, Saetti, Montesecondo, Poderi Sanguineto, Vinos Ambiz, Laureano Serres and Maestro Sierra.

1415 Green Street
San Francisco
Tel: 415-673-2320


SF Natural Wine Week: Schedule of Retailer Events

August 2, 2010

We’ll have more details about specific events and running times at each retailer in the coming days, but here’s a teaser so you can plan your week accordingly. It’s safe to assume these events will run in 6-8pm time slot, leaving you plenty of time to pop over to one of several participating restaurants to continue exploring the San Francisco natural wine scene.

[UPDATE: We’re adding details to the schedule as they come in. Final details are subject to change, so please remember to check this website or simply call ahead.]

(Public service reminder: We here at the SF Natural Wine Week HQ encourage everyone to ride MUNI or take a taxi between events.)

Monday 8/23Terroir Natural Wine Merchant
Time: 6.30pm for the first seating; the second seating is at 9pm.
What: The boys at Terroir – one of the premier natural wine destinations in the US – are hosting a special dinner 3-course dinner with wine pairings in their shop/bar on Folsom Street.
Cost: $80
For more information, please contact Terroir at 415-558-9946

Tuesday 8/24Bi-Rite Market
Time: 7pm – 9pm
What: Bi-Rite’s wine buyer, Trac Le, will feature a selection of 6 – 8 everyday natural wine values, available for $20 and under. In other words, wines you can take home tonight for not a lot of money!
Where: Hosted at Bi-Rite’s 18 Reasons space at 593 Guerrero (at 18th St.)
Cost: $10 for members of 18 Reasons; $15 for non-members
For more information please contact Trac Le at Bi-Rite Market at 415-241-9760

Wednesday 8/25Biondivino
Time: 6pm – 8pm
What: Local italophile Queen Bee, Ceri Smith, will feature a selection of Italian natural wines at her intimate shop in lower Russian Hill.
For more information, including cost and specific wines being served, please contact Biondivino at 415-673-2320

Thursday 8/26Arlequin Wine Merchant
Time: 6pm-8pm
What: Ian Becker, wine director at Arelquin and Absinthe as well as the co-founder of SF Natural Wine Week, will host a walk around tasting featuring the innovative winemakers leading the way for natural wine in California.
Cost: $20
For more information, please contact Arlequin Wine Merchant at 415-863-1104

Friday 8/27San Francisco Wine Trading Company
What: One of San Francisco’s top independent retailers and bastion of fine wine in the fog-bound western half of the city, the San Francisco Wine Trading Company will present natural wines from Europe and North America.
For more information, including cost, event time and list of wines being poured, please contact San Francisco Wine Trading Company at 415-731-6222

Saturday 8/28 – The Jug Shop
What: The lovely Floribeth Schumacher will host a tasting of her favorite natural white wines from Italy — mostly Friuli, but also other Italian wine regions. Of course ‘white’ is relative here; expect a few of these to be orange wines.
Time: Afternoon
Cost: $25
Please contact the Jug Shop directly to confirm the exact time of the tasting.

2010 San Francisco Natural Wine Week: Redux

July 15, 2010

That’s right, we’re back! And bigger than last year, too.

Dates for this year’s event are August 23-29, so mark your calendars accordingly!

We here at SF Natural Wine Week believe that San Francisco is the American hotbed for natural wine, so when it came time to gather the troops for this year’s event, we wanted to branch out to the larger natural wine community that has taken root in San Francisco.

(We’d like to think that last year’s successful event had something to do with it, but the fact is that San Francisco has long embraced the concept of natural wine — and a great testament to that fact is that when local industry folk hang out on their days off, they can often be found sharing their favorite natural wines with each other. This camaraderie has influenced a number of lists and retail selections around town.)

SF Natural Wine Week is an independently organized and hosted event — that is, apart from some light logistic and administrative support, the events are conceived of and hosted by each participating venue. Last year, Nopa, Biondivino, Terroir, the Jug Shop, Arlequin/Absinthe and Uva Enoteca each put their own voice and spirit into the selection of wines and winemakers featured at their events. Look for an even livelier and more engaging weeklong natural wine party this year!

Again, the dates for this year’s SF Natural Wine Week are August 23-29. Full schedule of events (and more) coming soon.

** 2010 San Francisco Natural Wine Week – Participating Venues **


Baker & Banker


Flour + Water

A16 / SPQR




Barbacco Enotrattoria

Terroir Natural Wine Merchant

Arlequin / Absinthe

Bi-Rite Market



La Ciccia

Bar Bambino

Foreign Cinema

San Francisco Wine Trading Company



Yield Wine Bar

Jug Shop

Slanted Door/Out the Door

Uva Enoteca