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Natural Wine Resources: Saignée Edition

August 13, 2010

We here at SF Natural Wine Week HQ spend a lot of time online where, it seems, the people who love natural wine – be they winemakers, consumers, importers, retailers, sommeliers, whatever – gather to swap tasting experiences, visits to wineries or debate the philosophy behind natural wine.

(Is “natural wine” even an appropriate term here? Take a little trip down the bloggy rabbit hole and decide for yourself.)

One place that’s quickly become a hub in the natural wine online world is Saignee, a blog authored by Cory Cartwright. No doubt the open, honest tone that Cory uses in his writing is what brings people back to the site (plus his liberal use of expletives, which we f***in’ love of course). But one feature in particular stands out – well, two, since it repeated this year: the series of guest-authored posts that Cory collected under the guise of 31 Days and 32 Days of Natural Wine. Call it the open-source alternative to the Wine Spectators of the world.

Here you’ll find a TON of information, recollections and debating points about natural wine to parse through. So, pop a bottle of Pinon’s petillant and kick it.


Let’s Drink Some Natural F***ing Wine!

August 11, 2010

New York based wino and blogger Lyle Fass created this, erm, hilarious video to introduce natural wine and some aspects of the debate surrounding natural wine. For those in the trade, it’s a laugh. For those not in the trade, well, the information is right on. And of course the conclusion — “Let’s go drink some natural f***ing wine” — is something that we here at the SF Natural Wine Week HQ fully support.