About SF Natural Wine Week

Welcome to the second annual San Francisco Natural Wine Week!

The phrase ‘natural wine’ means a lot of things to different people, and in fact there’s not an exact definition for it (we’ve tried). So rather than dwell on the details–at least before a single cork is pulled–this week is an effort to show that whatever your views, you’ll find two things: Delicious wines and a community of people who believe that the best possible wine is one that’s an honest expression of when, where and how it was grown and made.

The San Francisco Bay Area is arguably the most vibrant food and wine community in the United States. Nowhere else can lay claim to the same combination of chef-driven restaurants, lively farmers’ markets, passionate winemakers and dedicated importers. And regardless of the final product, the most compelling ingredient is often the people who come together behind it.

Active community building is a longstanding Bay Area tradition. In that regard, the shops, bars and restaurants behind Natural Wine Week aren’t just places to find and enjoy some of the world’s best wine. They’re focal points for community, a place to hang out and meet others who want to drink better, differently and with increased consciousness. And beyond the nightly events, you’ll find the first-ever natural wine symposium, bringing together winemakers, members of the trade and casual enthusiasts–all eager to connect over a glass of honest wine.

We look forward to seeing at San Francisco Natural Wine Week!

See the complete schedule of events and participating venues.


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