Let’s Drink Some Natural F***ing Wine!

New York based wino and blogger Lyle Fass created this, erm, hilarious video to introduce natural wine and some aspects of the debate surrounding natural wine. For those in the trade, it’s a laugh. For those not in the trade, well, the information is right on. And of course the conclusion — “Let’s go drink some natural f***ing wine” — is something that we here at the SF Natural Wine Week HQ fully support.

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3 Comments on “Let’s Drink Some Natural F***ing Wine!”

  1. somefuckingnametogowiththefuckingvideo Says:

    actually the info is not spot-on. there are sulfides in all wine, produced by the yeast during fermentation. natural yeast, the same as selected yeast, so this video is bullshit. maybe it should talk more about how much more complex and interesting natural wines can be, and not the chemistry of it (since wine-shop clerks don’t see to be all up on their o-chem).

  2. summer wolff Says:

    Video was hilarious, but representing a ‘natural wine’ portfolio from Europe, mostly Italian based… I was bummed you forgot ‘Italy’ and ‘Slovenia’ in your ‘natural wine country’ line up… but right on none the less!!!
    -Summer Wolff
    Indie Wineries

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